Medical Assistant Scholarships

Medical assistant students come from a wide range of backgrounds and the scholarships available to them reflect that. Whether you’re heading into a medical assistant program right out of high school or see medical assistant training as a step to a new career after a few years in another one, there are medical assistant scholarships for you.

Our directory collects many of the medical assistant scholarships available into one place. You can filter your search based on your particular qualifications and hone in on the scholarships applicable to the medical assistant program you select. The directory isn’t just for use before you start your program, many medical assistant scholarships can be applied to after you’ve begun, or are renewable each year if you keep your eligibility.

The scholarships you find in the directory come from a number of different sources, from government organizations to non-profits. We’ve tried to get as many of the medical assistant scholarships we can find into this directory, but you may be able to find additional scholarship money through the school you’re attending or your employer (if you work in a relevant field).

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Identify Trends in  Scholarships Landscape

Many of the scholarships available come from professional associations and scholarship foundations looking to enrich the fields they represent. If you’re studying with a particular specialty in mind, like dental hygiene or medical administration, you can find many scholarships specific to that area. These scholarships have the added benefit of being a little easier to get, as you’ll face less competition than you will for the more general medical assistant scholarships.

You should be aware that medical scholarships often have high GPA requirements. Most of the scholarship programs for medical students of any sort require at least a 3.0 GPA, so you’ll forfeit the money if you don’t keep up with your work.

As is true in searching for scholarships in any other educational field, it’s worthwhile to think of all the things that make you unique. Many scholarships include qualifications limited by background, gender, or ethnicity. Seek out all the scholarships that might apply so you don’t risk leaving potential money on the table.

Directory of  Scholarships