Medical Assistant Scholarships

Use this directory to begin your search for all available scholarships that fit your unique background and situation. These scholarships are available for a wide range of students, including high school students and current college students. With this directory’s search tools, you can determine which scholarships apply to your offline or online medical assistant program. If you are just starting your program, be sure to use the directory to check for renewable scholarships, which provide assistance year after year as long as you continue to meet eligibility requirements. If you have already started your program, take advantage of the directory’s option to filter by GPA requirements. Finally, you can search by ethnicity, as some scholarships are made available to particular ethnic groups.

Scholarships are offered by many different organizations, including state organizations and scholarship foundations. You can also find them online by using search engines, in addition to inquiring about scholarships at schools you are considering. Your employer may also be a source of funding, as many employers are willing to provide tuition reimbursement to promote professional development.

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Identify Trends in  Scholarships Landscape

Most scholarships are offered by professional associations and scholarship foundations. These scholarships often target students who specialize in the same sort of professionals that the association represents, such as dental hygiene or medical administration. If you specialize in an area like this, make sure to apply for scholarships that are unique to that area, as you will compete with fewer students than when applying for general scholarships.

Medical scholarships also often have high GPA requirements. Most of the scholarship programs for medical students of any sort, require at least a 3.0 GPA, making these scholarships highly competitive.

Scholarship amounts for related education programs are not as high as scholarships in other fields, with an average award of about $1,500. However, with only a year and a half to two years of required courses, scholarships can still make a big difference in the cost of the program.

Key Scholarships

Chiyoko and Thomas Shimazaki Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) and is available to students of any ethnic background who are interested in a career in the medical field. You must submit letters of recommendation as well as a transcript. You must also be a member of JACL to apply. The monetary award for this scholarship is $3,000.

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